Mediant 1000 E-SBC

The Mediant 1000 E-SBC provides Perimeter Defense as a way of protecting companies from malicious VoIP attacks; mediation for allowing the connection of any PBX and/or IP-PBX to any Service Provider; and Service Assurance for service quality and manageability. Designed as a cost effective appliance, the Mediant 1000 E-SBC is based on field-proven VoIP and network services with a native host processor with integrated quality of service, SLA monitoring, security and manageability. The native implementation of SBC functions on the Mediant 1000 provides a host of additional capabilities that are not possible with standalone SBC appliances, such as VoIP mediation, PSTN Access, survivability, and third party value-added services applications. This enables enterprises to utilize the advantages of converged networks and eliminate the need for standalone appliances.

Why Enterprise Session Border Controllers?
Session Border Controllers were traditionally deployed at the border of service provider core networks. Both Enterprises and Service Providers have now realized the essential need of enterprise-based session border controllers, located at the customer premises for addressing the security, mediation and SLA requirements of the Enterprise. The Mediant 1000 E-SBC provides an open and flexible architecture for all Enterprise deployments, acting as the demarcation point between an Enterprise and a SIP Trunking provider, an enterprise and a hosted Unified Communication service provider or an enterprise and other organizations for direct VoIP calling.

Enterprise Session Border Controller and Security Services
AudioCodes’ Mediant 1000 E-SBC is designed as a secured VoIP and data platform. Enhanced Media Gateway security features include encryption schemes, such as SRTP for media, TLS for SIP control, IPSec for management and Denail of service protection A fully featured Enterprise-class Session Border Controller provides a secured voice network deployment, based on the embedded Back-to-Back User Agent (B2BUA).

Integrated PSTN connectivity
The Mediant 1000 E-SBC is based on a highly interoperable Media Gateway, which supports a mix of 1-4 E1/T1/J1 Spans, 4-20 BRI lines and 4-24 Analog FXS/FXO interfaces. Enhanced dialing plans and voice routing capabilities along with SIP to SIP mediation, allow Enterprise customers to enjoy the benefits of SIP Trunking services and IP-based Unified Communications, as well as flexible PSTN and legacy PBX connectivity.

Vast mediation capabilities and proven interoperability
In a world of growing choices of voice coders and SIP flavors, enterprises and services providers alike must ensure interoperability for successful integration and service delivery. The Mediant 1000 E-SBC, with its extensive media processing capabilities, supports a wide range of voice coders with the ability of transcoding between narrowband and wideband voice coders, including SIP normalization, fax handling, gain control and numerous additional media processing features.

As a direct evolution of the field-proven and highly interoperable Mediant family of VoIP media gateway, the Mediant 1000 E-SBC provides unparalleled interoperability, enabling mediation between an extensive list of IP and TDM PBXs and SIP Trunking providers.

Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE)
AudioCodes Mediant 1000 E-SBC supports enhanced IP Quality of Service (QoS) enforcement and Quality of Experience (QoE) Monitoring, leveraging AUDC SEM, a QoE monitoring and management system. The Mediant 1000 ESBC enables service providers and multi-site enterprises to assess networks, certify VoIP deployments, and measure, monitor, track, and help optimize the QoE of their VoIP services. AudioCodes’ Mediant 1000 E-SBC also supports enhanced IP Quality of Service (QoS), including Ethernet frame tagging (802.1P), IP packet marking (Diffserv), and traffic shaping..

Survivability Services
Customers served by a centralized, SIP-based IP Centrex server or branch offices of distributed enterprises may face service discontinuities in case of WAN failure. The integrated SAS (Stand Alone Survivability) feature of the Mediant 1000 E-SBC enables internal office communication between SIP clients (e.g. IP Phones), along with PSTN fallback, in case of disconnection from the centralized IP Centrex server or IP-PBX.

Value-Added Services by an Open Platform for 3rd-Party Applications
AudioCodes’ Mediant 1000 E-SBC extends the flexibility of a standalone SBC with the built-in Open Solution Network (OSN) server option (based on an Intel processor). Independent Software Vendors and OEM customers can utilize this integrated, general purpose server to host their own applications (e.g., IP-PBX, IVR, Call Center, Conferencing, and more). In addition, an advanced, on-board DSP Resource Farm enables the implementation of narrowband as well as wideband/High Definition VoIP (HDVoIP) media processing services, such as announcements, recording, IVR, conferencing and transcoding, all controlled by standard protocols (e.g., SIP and MSCML). Utilizing AudioCodes dedicated DSP resources enables robust and predictable voice performance, as compared to typical software implementations, based on general purpose CPU’s.

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