In today’s competitive business scenario, small businesses need an efficient phone system that can increase employee productivity, reduce telephony costs and provide high-end call management features.

Matrix ETERNITY NE is a next generation IP-PBX for small businesses sized between 6 to 32 users. A small yet powerful IP-PBX, ETERNITY NE provides all business-class telephony features to be productive, look professional and enhance customer services.

Key Features

Converged Platform
ETERNITY NE is a true convergence of communication technologies with integrated interfaces for FXO, GSM/3G and VoIP networks. ETERNITY NE intelligently selects the most cost-effective route to place local, mobile or long distance calls and reduces telephony costs.

Flexible Phone Options
ETERNITY NE offers flexibility to choose from convenient phone options such as analog phones, IP phones and Mobile phones as office extensions to communicate from device of user’s choice.

Modular Architecture
ETERNITY NE comes in standard configuration of CO Lines with Analog and Digital extensions to fulfill the essential requirements of start-up businesses. ETERNITY NE flexibly accommodates the growing communication requirements with optional interface modules such as GSM, UMTS (3G), VoIP Server, Voice Mail and Door Phone to integrate in the same platform in future.

Enterprise-grade Features
ETERNITY NE is embedded with advance functionalities and productivity enhancing features of enterprise-grade phone systems. Features such as Call Park, Transfer, Hold and Forward, Six-way Conference Calling, Automatic Route Selection, Automated-attendants, Web-based administration and many more are provided as built-in without any additional cost.

VoIP Telephony
More number of small businesses is embracing VoIP in their day-to-day office communication realizing the cost benefits and flexibilities offered by VoIP. ETERNITY NE sends all long distance calls via data packets over internet instead of traditional telephony networks.

ETERNITY NE VoIP Server module comes with integrated Registrar, Proxy and Presence server. It can register up to 16 local or remote IP extensions and 4 SIP trunks. Ability to communicate from convenient device such as IP desk phone, SIP softphone or Mobile phones with SIP client adds another dimension to user flexibility.

Voice Mail and Integrated Auto-Attendant
ETERNITY NE ensures uniform treatment to all customers with efficient routing and handling of calls, round-the-clock. Choice of multiple auto-attendant languages, option to leave voice mail in non-availability, email notification of voice mail and automatic recording of important calls ensures professional business approach and enhanced customer service.

Web-based Management
ETERNITY NE offers a simple to use and intuitive web-based management wizard. Anyone with basic technical knowhow and computer skills can easily configure and program ETERNITY NE features for day-to-day operations. This makes troubleshooting a lot easier with its ability to program it from any part of the world. Basic features and settings are easy to understand and most of them can be configurable by user themselves.

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