A handy crime prevention tool, the use of CCTV (closed-circuit television) in both residential and business settings is on the rise across the globe. Highlighting the versatility of CCTV, this article discusses its various business uses and benefits.

CCTV is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes. Cameras are strategically placed and their content observed on monitors accessible only to those eligible to see it. Primarily used in crime prevention, with the mere presence of cameras arousing people’s ‘inner watchdog’, CCTV also benefits businesses in many other ways.

Spotting ‘petty crime’

Without CCTV, seemingly negligible crimes, like graffiti and vandalism, may otherwise go unsolved. Similarly, CCTV footage can lead to swifter arrests once a crime has been committed.

Spotting in-house crime

At times employees commit crimes, such as stealing from the till, or pilfering product. A strategically placed camera would spot these incidents when no one else is around.

Spotting accidents

No business owner wants a customer or client to have an accident on their premises; perhaps a fall on a slippery surface, resulting in unwanted media exposure or even a claim. Unfortunately, accidents do happen but when one is recorded on CCTV, the incident can often be quickly resolved, or even spotted immediately in the case of constant monitoring.

Measuring footfall

A vital aid in market research, the number of customers entering your shop or business can be measured via CCTV.

Industrial use

CCTV is ideal for observing parts of an industrial plant whose environment is unsuitable for people, or for observing parts of a process from a central control room.

In crime prevention, a permanently rolling camera is more reliable than a security guard who, being human, could become complicit in a crime or fall asleep on the job. CCTV systems may operate continuously or only as required, monitoring a particular event.

There are also more advanced forms of CCTV, including digital video recorders, providing recording for possibly many years, with various extra features. It is important to remember, however, that, prior to installing CCTV, business owners must be aware of, and fully complicit with, privacy laws.

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