Become a Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner in 2016

The Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner certification exam is available to those who have completed our core curriculum.
If you completed CMFF, CCLO and CCPA within the last 24 months, your next step should be to become certified by Cellebrite by taking the CCME Exam.

When you earn your CCME, Cellebrite will also refresh your lower level certification dates.
Think about that… One exam – three certifications!
From that point forward, simply recertify at the CCME level every 2 years and you will get a refreshed CCLO and CCPA as well.

For 2016, those who register and are approved to take the CCME, will be able to attend a live online CCME Exam Prep Workshop at no additional cost.
The workshop will be offered about once per month.

For more information and information about the CCME, visit our training page or contact Pandacom Forensic Solutions by clicking here

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