UFED Analytics Desktop

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Without analytics, data is just data.
In order to reduce case cycle times, investigators and analysts need simple, intuitive tools that help them see the big picture and all the critical connections that define it. UFED Analytics Desktop, designed as a standalone desktop application, allows an authorised investigator to rapidly explore various investigative paths or theories by opening multiple views of links and maps in one session, on multiple screens and narrow the data based on different case related values, if needed.

It also helps them focus on specific data types related to all or specific suspects or victims and automatically generate timelines that contain a person’s activities.

UFED Analytics Desktop optimises and extends your existing mobile forensic investments.
It serves as an essential building block to creating an end-to-end unified investigative platform from a partner you can trust.

UFED Analytics Desktop Delivers:

  • Text Analytics – Applies natural language processing to any textual artefact uploaded in the system and tags events related to specific topics of interest.
  • Image Analytics – Identifies black-listed image matches by comparing digital image signatures, automatically applying advanced categorization and face recognition methods
  • Analyze up to 100 extractions per case – Reveal and visualize connections of up to 100 extractions from mobile devices (logical, file system and physical extractions) and external data sources per case.
  • Cloud data integration – Automatically ingest and merge cloud data from UFED Cloud Analyzer tied to a specific person.
  • Visualization of mutual connections – View common connections based on communications and locations; narrow data using advanced filters and search; tag data based on specific needs; highlight case-related data using watch lists.

For more information, download the UFED Analytics Desktop Data sheet here