UFED Analytics Workgroup

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Powering Deeper Digital Insights with Intuitive Data Analysis and Management

Designed for 50 users or less, UFED Analytics Workgroup delivers a local client-server solution that efficiently and effectively manages hundreds of digital data sources.

The permission-based solution empowers a dedicated group of investigators, analysts and examiners to centrally store, review, analyse and cross reference all available case data simultaneously via web-based tools.

Helping to streamline data access and work-flows, an administrator simply loads a UFDR from all data sources to a local server and assigns one or more investigators. The investigator then logs in and can immediately review the data. No manual analysis required. This allows investigative teams to break down information barriers, reduce case cycle times and speed investigations.

UFED Analytics Workgroup delivers:

  • A scalable, centralized data repository that efficiently decodes, indexes and stores digital evidence.
  • Powerful analytics rapidly and automatically correlate, filter and mine large sets of digital evidence from disparate data sources and cases to produce actionable insights.
  • Robust permission management and secure, role-based web clients support simultaneous, collaborative work-flows to maximize resources, speed decision making and share case data efficiently.
  • Easily perform cross-case investigative work-flows by subject, crime type or time period.
  • Seamless integration with existing agency IT ecosystems and programs.

For more information, download the UFED Analytics Workgroup Data sheet here