Android & iOS User Lock Code Recovery Tool Released

The first standalone User Lock Code Recovery Tool in the world is released for iOS and Android Devices by Cellebrite

Mobile Examiners have, in the past, had an issue with locked iOS and Android devices and more than 50% of devices seized by police are locked with a passkey or pattern.

In addition to their existing methods used to unlock these devices, Cellebrite has recently launched their UFED User Lock Code Recovery Tool for iOS and Android operating systems.

This new method employs a forensically sound brute force method and will reveal the device’s user lock code on screen, allow examiners to enter the password and access the evidence on the device, while ensuring that all existing data is not compromised.

The UFED User Lock Code Recovery Tool is available for free for all UFED users with an Ultimate license and can be downloaded at MyCellebrite. Users will need the three “500” cables which are to be connected to USB OTG mobile devices. If you have not yet received your cables, please contact Pandacom Forensic Solutions at
Examiners will also require a UFED Camera or a Windows-based web camera in order for this solution to function
For more information on using the tool, please contact Pandacom Forensic Solutions or watch the video below to learn how bypass and reveal passwords on iOS and Android devices

Unlocking an iPhone:

Unlocking an Android:

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