Cellebrite Releases Link Analysis 4.2.5

Cellebrite has released their new Link Analysis. Make your data actionable with all new features and capabilities, as well as a new database architecture that gives you a much faster performance.

  • Up to 100 extractions per case – increased number of extractions from mobile devices and external data sources you can add in to a single case.
  • Easily create new cases – A new case wizard function will help to easily create new cases with relevant information and upload multiple mobile and operator data sources
  • Compile multiple data sources in a single action – Use the new case wizard to easily select multiple data sources in a single action and assign them to single or multiple suspects.
  • Arrange cases in order for simple navigation – You can now list all the cases available in the application arranged by creation date. Easily navigate between cases, or search for a specific case.

Download the Release notes here

Watch the video tutorial and learn how to use the new case wizard and create a case for investigation with multiple data sources. Include up to 100 extractions into a single case, and more.

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