Digital Collector

Digital Collector 2020-12-03T05:53:30+00:00

Digital Collector, a powerful and complete triage and data collection tool for Windows and Apple computers. Formerly branded as BlackBag’s popular MacQuisition product, Digital Collector includes all the popular features customers have grown to depend on, now available for Windows as well, plus additional capabilities making Digital Collector the most comprehensive computer forensics tool in the industry for investigators in law enforcement and in the enterprise.

The new solution is designed for investigators who need to complete a quick triage, live data acquisitions and forensic imaging, without the need for multiple solutions. Digital Collector will be crucial for investigators working on cases ranging from corporate IP theft, financial crimes, child exploitation and trafficking, planned terrorist attacks and more.

Forensically Boot: For systems that are powered off, boot into a protected environment for triage or imaging

Live Collection: For systems that are powered on and accessible, run Digital Collector live to triage and complete targeted collections

Triage: Whether live or booted, browse the computer under review, filtering for file metadata or keywords and review content

Targeted Imaging: Choose to collect preconfigured categories or user selected files from triage

Forensic Imaging: Collect a complete image of the system including deleted and unallocated areas into industry standard formats.