UFED CHINEX 2019-08-26T10:33:48+01:00

chinex-kit-completeRising to the challenge of the overwhelming number of phones with Chinese chipsets flooding the international market, including counterfeit phones, Cellebrite’s UFED CHINEX presents a solution for the forensically sound physical extraction of data and passwords from these devices.

The UFED CHINEX kit contains everything you need for Physical and Logical Data Extraction from Phones Manufactured with Chinese Chipsets. By providing a complete solution, the UFED CHINEX Kit streamlines investigations and helps forensic specialists overcome the challenge of extracting and analysing crucial data for use in criminal cases.

Key Features:

  • Physical extraction of existing, hidden and deleted data.
  • State-of-the-art decoding and reporting of data with UFED Physical Analyser: Call logs, SMS, MMS, videos, images, deleted data, GPS’s and much more.
  • User password extraction.
  • Automatic pin-out recognition.
  • Ability to bypass user lock code from these devices and decode the user lock from the extraction with UFED Physical Analyser.