UFED TK Ultimate (Panasonic G1/CF19/CF53)

UFED TK Ultimate (Panasonic G1/CF19/CF53) 2019-08-26T10:33:47+01:00

TKPurpose-designed for mobile forensic investigations in tough conditions, UFED TK delivers Cellebrite’s trusted UFED technology pre-installed on one of three Panasonic® Tough platforms. UFED TK is built and certified to sustain harsh situations, whilst providing you with a streamlined workflow for mobile device investigations in extreme conditions.

Key features:

  • A rugged all-in-one mobile forensic solution.
  • A solution certified for drops, shocks, vibration, humidity, altitude, dust, temperature extremes and thermal shock.
  • On screen view of extraction and reports.
  • Outstanding battery life.
  • Trusted UFED technology provides all data extraction capabilities.
  • Unique evidence verification engine enables validation of recovered artefacts.
  • Frequent updates to ensure compatibility with the latest devices.
  • Custom boot loaders ensure forensically sound extractions.
  • Touch screen enabled and user-friendly UI.

UFED TK is available with either an Ultimate or Logical solution offering, and comes with a range of supporting applications for in-depth decoding, analysis and reporting, as well as the UFED camera.